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How to Build a Mega Admin Team (Part 2): Finding/recruiting your first hire

We are talking about finding and recruiting your first hire. In many people’s minds this means we place an ad, we hire the first person who has a decent resume and we are off to the races right?! Nope, not at all, like anything else this isn’t (or shouldn’t be) a fast process. Do you have your napkin, word doc, or notes of what the person you will be hiring will be doing? If not, then go back to part 1 and re-read. If you do let’s jump in!

Let’s think about this person and our business as a whole. First off, do we want a purely US based team? Now now some of you just said “of course!” and that is great! However, at REbox we LOVE getting talent from all over the world. In our eyes why limit yourself to just your own backyard why not incorporate cultures from everywhere to bring an amazing mind meld to the table? We love it! We have people from Europe, the Philippines and all over the US. If that is not for you no worries. Second, do you want physical space or a virtual environment? There are benefits and drawbacks to both and it is better to think about it BEFORE you hire someone. Some people love working from home where others will struggle. You need to have the environment clear in your mind so you can make sure you are recruiting to that vision. Third, are you going to consider them an employee or an independent contractor? Now we could write a whole blog just on this topic (or really any of these) but in this blog we are just getting you thinking. So consult with your CPA, lawyer and state laws to really understand this because it makes a HUGE difference to your potential team member and your bottom line.

NOW we are going to work on an ad! You know if you are hiring locally or broadly, if they are sitting in an office or their own comfy couch, and if they will be an employee or an independent contractor. Whew! So now let’s craft our ad. DO NOT JUST COPY SOMEONE ELSE’S. Your vision is different than theirs, so take a few minutes and free write why YOU love your company. I know you are like “Jen you are nuts I am hiring someone not myself?!” Yes, but culture is huge in a team. What you love about the company is what will attract, keep and motivate your team members so just do it. I would give yourself 15-30 min just word vomit on the page what you love about your industry, your vision, and where you see yourself in 5 years. Once you have that leave it for 24 hours and the next day come back and look at it. Pull 5-15 items out of there and they become your bullet points in the ad. Be direct, don’t be fluffy or wordy, get to the point on what you want. Be specific, if you want experience, than how much? Type up your ad and have someone else read it. Once they love it as much as you post away! Use applicable job search sites in your area or the area you are hiring in. Review applications, conduct interviews and make an offer to the best candidate that you can see in your 5 year plan.

Tip1: Once you are happy with it add a teaser at the end of the ad with a request. Ours is something like “If you have read this entire ad and feel like you are our next Rockstar please submit an email on why and be sure to include in the subject line I am your next ROCKSTAR”. We will not even look at an application that doesn’t follow the teaser. We are in the detail industry after all.

Tip2: Do NOT give YOUR email address or phone number (made this mistake once never again.)

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