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How to Build a Mega Admin Team (Part 3): Training/Culture

You have decided you are going to build a team, you created a job description, you interviewed and now you have your brand new baby team member. Work is done right?! They immediately start taking things off your plate and the world is wonderful right?! Well….

You may be better than me and I sincerely hope so, however by the time I made my first hire I was so overwhelmed and THEN I had to train!! These employees didn’t come knowing everything (design flaw I am sure). So if you are feeling overwhelmed and like this person is more work in the beginning than they are worth you are on the right track!!

Training: So in the beginning don’t listen to all the bigger teams telling you about their amazing training platforms. KISS keep it simple silly!! A google doc is a great place to start along with your computers native video/screen capture program. In mac land this is quick time. The way we started our training program was by pure accident. I didn’t have the time to train and was frustrated saying the same thing over and over again. Someone said just record what you are doing and they can refer back. GENIUS!!! So the next time I showed someone how to enter a listing I just did screen capture and talked through it. It was horrible!! I swore, half of it was missing sound and I had to redo several things but guess what? The team LOVED it!! They could go back to it when they couldn’t remember what to do and watch again. Lightbulb moment we then started housing all these videos in dropbox and including the links in our google doc for training.

ie – Add listing in Alaska flex (insert video link here)

Yes THAT simple. It’s not pretty, it’s not sexy but that is the thing. Most of the time we make things so complicated that they never get done the goal here is to get er done! So video away as you go throughout your normal load those puppies in dropbox and drop the link in a google doc. Start small and build and build and in no time you will have a training manual!

Now onto one of my biggest challenges, culture. I am the definition of an introvert. My “fun” is being at home in my PJs with the fam or a couple, really ONLY a couple of friends. I even get grumpy when my hubs wants to have a bday party. Yes that bad. So culture is something I have to work at daily in biz but it is probably THE most important thing you can do. Culture is what will pull your team through when you break every system you have built. Culture is the difference between your entire team being in tears or rallying to rebuild.

So how do I have amazing culture? Well glad you asked!! Be sure to read our next and last installment. Retention/Think bigger, org chart mindset etc

Tips: Once you grow past google drive look into lessonly or screensteps. We love screensteps because it is searchable and we house our policies and procedures, training etc there.

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