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We've Got Your Back




• We save you 1-3 hours per file/side
• It doesn't matter if you have 2 files/sides or 50. We'll help during your slow time and your insane months. No commitment, no minimums. We're here for you when you need us. 
• Just $30 per file/side unless additional touches are needed. Then, it's just $5 per touch.
• You have a whole compliance team at your back - no need to worry about vacation time, sick days, hiring/firing or employee management.
• Leverage your business so you can take the extra time to focus on growth, personal time, client development or an extra hour or two to spend with your family!

What's the Biggest Thing You've Done for your Business Lately?

Now you can add an entire marketing division overnight

Ever wanted an entire marketing team but didn't want the stress of hiring/firing/recruiting/training/developing and the hefty cost? Dare we say, this is your golden ticket.
• Add an entire marketing division to your TC/Real Estate Support business overnight and increasing your services offered. Amp up your recruiting and retention efforts by becoming a one-stop-shop and offering more for your clients!
• No costs + a 10% kickback on all services (more details in our program packet - e-mail us and we'll send it over!) We are here to provide leverage for your business. 
• You not only have an entire marketing team available for your clients, you have them available for your business as well! 
• This is a HUGE opportunity to do BIG things and show your clients you are growing, adding services and supporting them in more ways than they could ever dream + add an additional revenue builder into your company.

"Powered by SHEP" Marketing Partnership


30 Minutes a Week / 90 Days 



Pair with an Industry leader to bring your business to the next level!
• Personalized coaching specific to your TC/RESP business goals, framework, clients and roadblocks.
• Accountability on the highest level - hear what you NEED to hear, not just a pat on the back to make you feel good. 
• Coaching from experience! The good, the bad and the ugly - learn how to avoid real-life mistakes, learn the top tricks and methods we've learned from hundreds of leaders in the industry.
• One of the best investments you can make in yourself and your business in 2020!


Easy, Affordable and Built for Transaction Coordinators!


Created by a small business owner, for the small business owner. Quality, affordable and straight-forward bookkeeping by an experienced team with 20+ years of book-loving wizardry. 

Wize-Wizards is your go-to team of bookkeeping geniuses that will help you take your business to the next level through our easily integrated bookkeeping services. Take control of your time and business with a team of wizards on your side!


Years of Experience


Hours Per Month We Save Our Clients


Wizard Team Members Supporting Your Small Business


Hours to fully onboard and get our Wize-Wizard team running your bookkeeping!